Thank you very much to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such an amazing patient family. It is an honor to serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care that is chiropractic.

 ~ The Foedisch Chiropractic Team

Chiropractic care for both of us has helped so much.  We both had headaches all the time coming from the neck area.  Since getting monthly adjustments our headaches and body aches are few and are also able to get a good night’s sleep.  Many other pluses!

– Merrill and Brenda M.

Chiropractic did so much for me.  Dr. Foedisch’s treatments hone in on the true cause of my issues – whether it’s the “angry muscle” that, if untreated, pains in my neck or just the wear and tear of being a “desk jockey”.  I don’t know where I’d be without it.

– Michelle K., Age 44

Chiropractic has helped me to relax not only my body, but also my mind.  I carry much of my stress in my back and neck.  When my back and neck are aligned and my muscles are relaxed, my mind is clearer and I can enjoy my life and more of what it has to offer.

– Tracey K., Age 25

I have scoliosis and have been getting chiropractic treatment on and off since I was 16.  I feel like chiropractic care helps my back to feel better.  When I don’t see a chiropractor I have bad low back pain and get headaches.

– Kelsey K., Age 22

Chiropractic adjustments have done an amazing job on my shoulders and neck.

– Gloria G.

Chiropractic has helped me to move more freely!  It has helped relieve pain in my back so that I am more flexible in bending and caring for young grandchildren and a disabled husband.  It has been a lifesaver for me.

– Judy T., Age 67

Chiropractic has been a big help with my shoulders and neck.  He worked all the soreness and all the aches out.  He is also a Christian man and that was a blessing to come to him.

– Mary Jane D.

I am very pleased with treatment for neck movement after being treated for several weeks and months.  Before treatment I could hardly  turn my arthritic neck.

– Len R., Age 73

Because of chiropractic work on my back I am able to function well considering I have 1 disc gone and 1 herniated disc.  George has done a great job on me.

– Abe K.

Chiropractic gave me back the ability to be who I really am – a happy active person.

– Lori S., Age 47

Chiropractic care has helped me perform as an athlete.  Recovering from injuries has become easier and whenever I’m feeling stiff, chiropractic care loosens me up and makes it easier to move.

 – Emily L., Age 16

Chiropractic has really helped our family become more healthy.  It helped my daughter after a concussion and locked forward position.  Also has helped other daughter after sledding.  It has also helped our third daughter with sports injuries and concussion.  My husband and myself, as a mom and a wife and working in child care, it has helped our backs tremendously.

 – Barbara Ann K., Age 56

Chiropractic has helped me with lower back pain.  It lessens the pain.  It helps with neck and shoulder pain as well.

– Walton R.

Chiropractic has helped me with knots and tightness from an achy lower back.  It has helped me physically and emotionally just to keep me going.  Dr. Foedisch has been a God send.

– Carol R., Age 67

Chiropractic has improved vertigo and neck pain and overall feeling better.

– Arlene C.

Since coming to see Doc George my neck and back pain is so much better.  I rarely have headaches anymore.

– Trish H., Age 52

Chiropractic has relieved pain in my shoulder.  I am now able to sit for longer periods at the computer without pain in my back.  My neck feels stronger and more balanced.

– John K.

Chiropractic has done wonderful things!  My back and neck feel wonderful after I leave.  I always look forward to my trip to Dr. Foedisch’s.  He makes me feel great!

– Kelli S., Age 36

Dr. Foedisch provides great, personable service in a timely and effective manner. He is a great resource for information and always makes me feel comfortable and welcome at his office. I would highly recommend him for all your chiropractic and wellness needs. I always leave feeling fantastic!

— Deirdre S.

Chiropractic has freed me from rehabilitating pain so I could resume normal life activities without taking drugs or medication.

– Ed C., Age 68

I have known Dr. George Foedisch for over 20 years both as my chiropractor and as my friend. As his chiropractic patient, I have been the benefactor of his vast knowledge, experience and wisdom of his profession. He possesses a keen sense of the muscle and nerve relationships and is able with his manipulation and soft tissue work to bring relief to the painful area. He has the uncanny ability to find the sore spots on one’s body. As a friend he has a warm personality and is a people person. He is trust worthy and is easy to talk with. He is interested in his patients as persons. I highly recommend Dr. Foedisch as a Chiropractor and a friend.

— Merlin G.

I find the doctor is very caring and takes interest in what you have and is concerned and talks things out with you.

– Marie S., Age 88

Dr. Foedisch is an outstanding Chiropractor who utilizes top quality care for his patients and has a tremendous heart for helping those who seek his care. He is a man of honesty and integrity and someone I am honored to call my colleague and friend.

— Todd O.

Chiropractic did make my back feel a lot better and stronger.  Able to have more movement using a golf club with less pain and stiffness.

– George B., Age 65

Dr. Foedisch is a chiropractor I have visited over the past number of years. He and his office staff are friendly and professional. His treatments have alleviated my back pain problems as well as helped me maintain back health.

— Evan G., Age 40

My neck felt “frozen” and stiff, I now have more ease when turning left and right.  It has definitely helped to ease muscle pain.  I am learning what “not” to do during my daily routine, this helps me stay pain free.

– Lori W., Age 50

Actually, all of the above attributes describe Dr. Foedisch. He is a miracle worker! Saved my neck (literally), my back, my ankles and fixed my wrist pain (in 4 visits, after 3 ortho’s could not help for years). With his work, he has helped me through a black belt and marathon that I never could have earned without him. I cannot say enough good words about him or his skill.

— Dale N.

While in massage school, George was my Anatomy & Physiology teacher. He was very thorough and handled ALL my questions throughout our 6 mos. together. Inside and outside of school, he remains a caring and knowledgeable professional who helps those in need of his services, with an added touch of humor as well.

— Deb C.

We learned of Dr. Foedisch through a friend whose daughter had great results recovering from a sports injury after seeing him. Our daughter, who pitches fast pitch softball, injured her lower back one summer. She was upset with the thought that she would not be ready for the PONY National Tournament but after seeing Dr. Foedisch for a few weeks she was back to normal and lead her team to a Sweet 16 finish. A year later I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I had severe pain in my shoulder after my collar bone, which was broken in multiple places, healed. After seeing Dr. Foedisch my shoulder pain is no longer an issue. Dr. Foedisch is a very personable doctor who totally understands how to work with his patients. He is highly recommended.

— Rudy P.

I came to Dr. Foedisch by chance and I have been thanking God ever since for bringing me to him. He doesn’t just “patch” you up and send you on your way. He want to find the root problem and permanently correct it. He is extremely knowledgeable in chiropractic care, health and nutrition. It is very evident that he cares just as much about you as a person as does about you as a client.

— David K.

Dr. Foedisch is very personable, knowledgeable, and most importantly, has helped me make significant improvements in my lower back pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Foedisch to anyone who has back issues and is not sure if chiropractic care is the way to go. For me, it definitely was.

— Greg S.

Chiropractic care has given me hope for a long-term healthy back and lifestyle.  To be free from daily pain is a gift I am so thankful for.  Dr. Foedisch’s personal care has been wonderful!

– Nancy, Age 49

I had been experiencing a great deal of lower back, hip & knee pain. I had been searching for a chiropractor with whom I felt comfortable, but had been unable to find anyone until a friend recommended George. From the first visit, I experienced the best chiropractic care I could ever imagine! Dr. Foedisch is the consummate professional – his extensive knowledge and his ability to explain my medical problems to me in layman’s terms are just 2 of his most admired qualities. He was always willing to take the time to thoroughly diagnose and treat every ailment and discuss it with me. I would heartily recommend Dr. Foedisch – you will never meet a doctor who is more caring PLUS your body will thank you!

— Sue M.

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